Graduated! Exciting Times in Peru

Check out our latest update from South America!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

We hope and pray you are blessed. Here is our latest newsletter talking about what is going on here in Peru and the exciting things the Lord has in store. Just click on the picture below to check it out!

P1010242 Danielle and I graduation night!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. God bless you!


Cory, Danielle, and Abigail

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Merry Christmas Update

Merry Christmas! Our latest update and a Christmas Card from the Kilgus Family.

Gospel South America

Merry Christmas everyone,

Christmas Card 2014

Christmas season is upon us, and Danielle and I can hardly believe this is our second straight Christmas in South America. We recently celebrated our first year in South America, and we are looking forward to what year two holds for us.

We want to say thank you for all your prayers for us, the church in Chilete, and the Bible College. We have several praise reports, recent news, and some prayer requests since we sent out the last update.

First of all, Danielle and I went to see the doctor today. Our baby is about 3 1/2 inches long and very healthy. Also, Danielle is into her second trimester and has been feeling much better. We are still planning on having the baby here in Cajamarca, and we are figuring out the dual citizenship and embassy process. Thank you for praying!


Secondly, a large container of…

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CCBC Peru Construction Update

Here is the latest construction update from the CCBC Peru campus. Check it out, and please pray for us!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

This is a project update Director John Bonner put together a couple weeks ago. By the grace of God we are making more and more progress here everyday. Here is is:

Danielle and I are so excited that CC Fort Bragg and CC Ukiah are joining up to come help us in February, and several other groups are planning to come helps as well. Please keep us in prayer. Thank you!

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Construction Mission Team

Help is on the way! Check our latest video showing some of the projects CC Fort Bragg will be helping us with!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

We are very excited that our home church, Calvary Chapel Fort Bragg, is planning a trip to Peru to come help with the construction at the Bible College, and the work in Chilete. I also heard CC Ukiah might join the team as well, so we are praying! There is much to do here in Peru, and teams with a heart to serve are a huge help.

Here is a video showing some of the projects they might help us with at the Bible College:

The team is also planning to spend a weekend in Chilete helping us with our recent church plant. If you haven’t seen what the Lord is doing there have a look here:

It would be such a blessing for Danielle and I, as well as the Bible College, to see some friendly faces and have some extra hands in the work. Please…

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Update and Exciting News

Our latest update from the Mission Field, and a big announcement!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

It has been a little while since we wrote something for an update, but we are very blessed here in Peru and we are getting more and more accustomed to life in Peru. Danielle and I are in our own little apartment now, and continuing with classes, construction, and Chilete.The construction project and classes are continuing on day by day. Right now we have Doug Bennett teaching a creationism class and it is amazing. He is a scientist and geologist who is currently working on creating a creation museum in the Pacific Northwest.

Doug Bennet 1Manolo Excavation

You can visit there site here:

Danielle and I are closing in on our 1 year anniversary in South America! Amazing how time flies. I am almost done with my third semester as a student, and am looking forward to my final semester as well as teaching the book of Nehemiah at the Bible College…

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Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru Video

A video update from Calvary Chapel Bible Peru where Danielle and I are living, studying, and serving. Please, have a look. God bless you!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share the latest video update from CCBC Peru. There are several interviews of people sharing what it is like to be a part of the college here in Peru, and also Pastor Kevin giving his take on the ministry here. Please have a look:

God bless you all, and please be praying for the Bible College!

Also, if you wouldn’t mind praying for me that would be greatly appreciated. I will be teaching my first Bible College class, and actually I will be teaching Nehemiah in two separate classes: One in English, and one in Spanish. It will be a big challenge, but by the grace of God we are hoping for the best. Thank you!

In Christ,

Cory and Danielle

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La Cosecha Update Video – Summer 2014

Here is our latest update from Peru. The Lord has planted church! Check it out, and God bless you!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

We have seen the Lord do great things here in Peru this summer, and we made an update video covering the church plant in Chilete. We hope it is a blessing, and here is the link:

Thanks again for all your prayers, we are very appreciative!

In Him with love,

Cory and Danielle

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In the World, Not of It – Learning to Live in the Light


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In the World, Not of It

Learning to Live in the Light

Sunshine meadow

In the World, Not of It

Learning to Live in the Light

There is a scene in the movie The Matrix when the character Morphius asks Neo a question, red pill or blue pill?  Neo chooses to experience reality, and he reaches for the red pill. The next thing Neo knows his life is turned up down, and he wakes up on an operating table. As he opens his eyes Neo asks, why do my eyes hurt? Morphius replies, because you have never used them before. This scene helps illustrate what coming to Christ felt like for me. The Bible says in Ephesians chapter 2 says, “you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins.” I was dead, and then suddenly I was alive. It was radical, and even somewhat violent in it’s suddenness. 

Yet, my coming alive was far more pleasant than Neo’s. I didn’t find a giant plug in the back of my neck and I wasn’t forced to eat slimy oatmeal everyday. No, my experience was more like I was living in a dark prison cell and I didn’t even realize it. Then one day someone opened the door and I was let out into sunshiny meadow. I don’t know about everyone else, but I love the sunshine. Dark places depress me. In fact, my wife says I am like a cat because I’ll find the sunniest place in the house and hang out right there. So, when I ran out into the meadow I never wanted to go back to that dark, drab cell. I was free. I ran from anything and everything that represented the darkness, anything that reminded me of the darkness, anything that had a connection to the darkness. I had found the light, and I wanted as much as possible. I still do.

Today, I am still walking in that light, and lately I have been listening to Dominic Balli. Dominic Balli is a Christian Reggae Artist. Why do I bring this up? When I lived in the prison cell I listened to reggae music often, so when I came into the light reggae music was left behind in the cell. I associated reggae music with the darkness. I had practiced many things I am now ashamed while listening to reggae music. Yet, Dominic Balli has been a revelation for me. Reggae music was not the problem, my sin was the problem. All reggae music did not have to go, just the music that promotes darkness and the activities that accompanied my reggae music. Today, Jesus has redeemed reggae music in my life, and I am experiencing more of the glorious freedom found in life in the light.

Once I heard a pastor say that some people get so radically saved that they forget how to relate and communicate to the world. In many ways that was me. I was so radically changed and so loved the life of the light, that I completely dropped everything that had anything to do with the darkness. The vast majority was exactly the correct choice, but I forgot one thing. There are people I love back in those cells. I have friends and family that live in the darkness, and they need the cell door opened as much as I did. And, whether they ever decide to step out of the cell, open their eyes for the first time, and experience the light; I still love them. They are still my friends and family, and while I will never walk in the dark again, I also do not want to cut the cord of our friendship and love. This is what I am learning at this point of my walk with Christ in the light.

I am reminded how Jesus astonished his followers when they saw sitting by a well in enemy territory, Samaria. Normally, Jews would make a 1-day journey into 3 just to avoid setting foot in Samaria, but Jesus told his close-minded disciples, I need to go through Samaria. When he did, he found the village floozy drawing water from the village well. Jews, and especially teachers as Jesus was considered, never spoke with women in public. Jesus asked this Samaritan women for a drink, and threw a bridge over what had previously been an uncrossable chasm. He begged from her, and put Himself below her. When his disciples saw him doing this, they were speechless. Yet, while Jesus is the light of the world, he had no problem befriending and relating to even the most colorful people. He demonstrated this again when he called Matthew, the cheating tax-collector; and when he set free the women caught in adultery. Now, I am not saying my friends family are the lowest class of society, in fact they are regular (mostly) people. The point is Jesus had the perfect balance in his life: Living completely in the life while reaching into the darkness; He was in the world, but not of it.

So, I have been exploring this beautiful, sunshiny meadow for over 5 years now, and I have no desire to go back to the old prison cell. But, I also am learning what is truly darkness, and what can be redeemed. Today, I love my old friends and family and am hopeful that I can be a better friend in the future, a friend like Jesus. I am also enjoying my reggae music as I stroll through this sunshiny meadow, and I think that is how God intended it to be.

Chilete Soccer Recap: Prayers Answered!

A little write-up on our soccer outreach in Chilete. God is good!

Gospel South America

Chilete Soccer Team Bus

Well, we made it back safe, tired, but very blessed. The whole experience was so crazy, but so good at the same time. There were times when Danielle and I were completely overwhelmed, and there were times that were so sweet they are hard to put into words. I know we have all heard it before, but we truly could not have done this outreach mission trip unless God was behind us, strengthening us, encouraging us, and providing the help we needed. We had an amazing group of loving servants that included 8 from CC Silverdale, several from CCBC Peru, and awesome man of God from CC Lima. We couldn’t be more grateful for all of God’s goodness, and I just want to touch on a few of the highlights.

We arrived in Chilete Saturday morning and the craziness began. We are in Peru, so of course we were an…

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Prayer Request: Chilete Soccer Outreach

Our latest update and prayer request from South America. Thank you for your prayers!

Gospel South America

Hi everyone,

Well, we are about a month into our freshly planted church in Chilete, Peru and we have experienced many difficulties, but many more blessings. Danielle, myself, and a group of faithful servants have been making the 2-3 hour journey each way every weekend, and our ministry has been mostly kids. We have memory verses, Bible songs, Bible studies, and different activities with them every sunday service, and little by little the Lord has been opening up doors for us to minister to the adults of Chilete. We are the only gringos in town, so I think it will take some time for them to trust us and know what we are doing, but we hope to gain that trust through love, service, and the teaching of the Word of God.

Chilete Kids ChurchChilete Kids 2

Today, we are very excited to welcome a group of 19 from CC Silverdale (Bremerton, WA) that will…

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