Last night I saw the decision in New York State to legalize abortions up to the last minute before birth. I reposted an image from a pastor I deeply respect.
The law now states that abortions are legal up to 24 weeks, and then permissible up to birth if the women’s health is in danger or if the fetus is not considered viable. Also, abortions can now be performed by people who are not licensed doctors, and any criminal penalty has been removed regarding abortions.
This is an emotional and divisive topic. I generally stay away from such topics, and my overriding goal and desire is to see people come to a believing faith in Christ. I don’t care to focus on political issues because I have no faith in the political system or its leaders. My faith is in Christ alone, and my goal is too see as many people in heaven as possible.
With that, one topic that I cannot be quiet about is the murder of unborn babies. It is an unspeakable atrocity what is happening in our country and around the world. So many unborn babies are murdered every day. God says in Proverbs 31:8 that we are to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. The cries of unborn babies may not always be audible, but they are real. I feel I must speak up for them. I will lose friends for this stance, but I cannot go against what I know to be right, and I do not feel that I can be silent. So help me God.
Why am I against the decision in New York?
I will do my best to communicate the main reasons, and welcome RESPECTFUL and CONSIDERATE discussion below. Hateful and disrespectful comments will be deleted. Passion can be good. Indignation is appropriate. I understand the emotion, but the goal is to come to the truth.
1. Life is sacred, precious, and starts at conception. This is number one for me. God states that He knows us before we are conceived. He states in Ephesians 2 that he has prepared good works for us to walk in before we are born. God Himself sees the unborn child as a life, someone created in His image. He has plans and thoughts toward that child. I believe with all my heart that a baby in the womb is alive and is viable person no matter what defect or sickness they may have or is perceived they have. Science also agrees that an unborn baby is alive and can feel. I cannot be in favor of killing any baby or child, including those who are unborn.
2. I understand the distress an unexpected child can cause on a mother or father. I, to my shame, was once in favor of abortion. I did not grow up Christian, and my worldview was once radically different than it is today. I have had conversations with women explaining that I fully expected that woman to have an abortion if a pregnancy was to occur. I can remember the woman saying to me, I am not a baby killer. I responded, I am not ready to be a father. How terribly shameful for me, and I thank God that He could love and forgive a sinner like me.
I only cared about my life and my future. That was why I wanted an abortion. I did not want a baby to get in the way with my plans. I was only thinking about myself. I could have choose to abstain from sex, but I wanted to enjoy myself, and be free from the responsibilities that came along with my decisions. That selfishness is a plague today. The thought is I want what I want, but I do now want the consequences. It is so very selfish, and I cannot condone that type of thinking even if I was once advocated this very type of behavior. I was dead wrong, and I repent. Our country should too. We cannot sacrifice babies at the altar of pleasure and selfishness.
3. Regarding the decision in NY, Gov. Anthony Cuomo celebrated the new law, and he said, “this is not gray here it’s black and white.” What may be black and white is they are in favor of killing babies. What is very gray is what does viable mean? What is the threshold for mother safety? The terms viable fetus and women’s safety are very gray and ambiguous.
I know a couple who was told their baby would be autistic, and they were counseled to have an abortion. They were shocked and appalled by the doctor’s advice, and they refused outrightly. That baby was born healthy and has grown into a beautiful young woman with a family of her own. Was her life not viable? Who are we to decide?
When you use terms like viable fetus and women’s health, all sorts of things can be permitted if the doctor and parent are motivated. An irregular heartbeat of baby, a minor deformity, the mental or emotional state of the mother, inconvenience for future plans that could cause depression and others issues… the list can go on and on, and almost anything can be permitted in order to allow a baby to be killed. This law will open the door for many, many babies to be unjustly killed. I am unequivocally opposed to the decision in New York.
I understand that each situation is unique and I have compassion upon pregnant mothers. My hope is that they would choose to lay their lives down and welcome these unborn babies into the world. It will be difficult and it will require sacrifice, but it will be absolutely worth it and it will be the correct decision.
My prayer is that men would take up their responsibility as well and be there every step of the way. I think many women would choose life for their children, if they had men by their side supporting them, owning their responsibility, and acting like men instead of spoiled boys.
I am not nieve and I know some situations are excruciatingly difficult, but I cannot, and will not, justify the killing of a baby for any reason. They are too precious and too valuable. They are little babies… they deserve to live.
Being pro-life and being compassionate towards pregnant mothers are not mutually exclusive. As a pastor, I hurt thinking about the fear, the depression, the confusion, and everything that comes with an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. I am praying for the pregnant mothers and everything they are going through. I hope as the church we can minister to these woman and men, mothers and fathers. I love family, and I want to see more and more healthy families. I wanted to see beautiful bouncing babies fill homes with joy. There is nothing greater than holding your baby for the first time. What a joy, what a blessing.
With all the compassion, love and begging I can muster, the unborn babies must be allowed to live.
I am including a video below because sometimes the visual evidence is the strongest. I choose a non-christian video as a means to remove bias. Here is a video of an unborn baby growing in the womb. I cannot understand a person who can watch this video, and then say that is not a real person, a real baby. That mothers and fathers are totally justified to kill this baby due to inconvenience or stress or whatever other reason may be given. Just look at this precious little life.
With that, I am praying for our country and the whole world. That God would minister to every pregnant women and comfort them in all the distress and fears. That God would turn us towards truth and love for unborn children. That the children would be saved from the jaws of death. That we wouldn’t walk this evil and dark path of sacrificing unborn children at the altar of pleasure and selfishness.