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I received this article via email, and decided to read it mostly because of our President’s recent statements about gay marriage. I found the article to be so well done that I contacted the author, Matt Moore, to ask for permission to repost. He happily granted me full permission. I especially like that this article is filled with compassion from someone who has struggled with homosexuality throughout his life, yet is founded on the truth of God’s Word.

Side Note: I also recommend reading Matt’s testimony on the website listed below. Although, the details are very graphic, Matt’s story illustrates what it means to be born again of the Holy Spirit in a very powerful way. While I did not struggle with homosexuality, I too was radically saved by Jesus a few years ago, and many of the characteristics of Matt’s testimony are eerily similar to mine. His testimony has inspired me to finish my detailed testimony that has sat on the back burner for far too long. Hopefully, prayerfully, that will be on the site soon. Now, on to the article.

Real Answers to Real Questions about the Bible and Being Gay

By: Matt Moore


People in the Church, outside the Church, and opposing the Church are asking questions. Questions are good, regardless of the inquirer’s motive. Questions give followers of Jesus, holders of the truth, oppurtunities to provide real answers. In this blog I’m going to cover the four questions that I’m asked the most frequently and try my best to provide Biblical answers that make sense.

1) Why should I believe what Christianity has to say?

2) If I being gay am not hurting anybody, then why does God condemn it?

3) Okay, if being gay is a sin, then why can’t I control it?

4) If God really didn’t want me to be gay, then why doesn’t He eliminate my feelings?

1)Why should I believe what Christianity has to say?

Defending God is like defending a lion; He doesn’t need it. He is who He is regardless of whoever does or does not believe in Him. But if you are skeptical, I would like to get your thought-wheels spinning. We all can agree that in and of ourselves, we do not know where we came from. We can also all agree that we do not have the power, in any degree, to spontaneously create ourselves or everything that we see around us. We had to have come from somewhere, more specifically from someone.

This is where we get the idea of there being a “god”; an ultimate higher power that is responsible for our existence and the existence of the known universe. Most people would agree that the only logical explanation for all that we see and know is that there is a god, but the question is, is that god knowable? And if that god is knowable, how so? Does He care about what is going on the world or about us personally?

Christianity believes that there is one God who created humanity and the entire universe. We believe that this God has communicated Himself throughout the generations in many different ways. Firstly, through our visualization of everything around us; His creation draws us to the conclusion that He exists. Secondly, God communicates Himself through our own consciousness and moral compass. We all know right from wrong, good from evil, and that wasn’t something that we learned; our knowledge of good and evil is intrinsic.

Thirdly, God communicates Himself personally. We believe He communicated Himself through Moses, the Prophets and at these last times through His Son. Christianity believes beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Spirit of God inspired these men to record His communication with them in written words in order that they would be available forevermore to future generations. Now, there is much speculation over how truthful the recorded words of the Bible are and this is where a good study of apologetics would be advantageous.

But I beg to ask this question, if the Bible is not true, then why are we still “speculating” over it thousands of years later in this technologically and intellectually advanced age? If it could be disproven and thrown out as trash, why hasn’t it been? Jesus Himself confirmed the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures. Now, if Jesus were dead I may doubt His claims. But due to the fact that no one has ever been able to find the crucified body of the most famous person to ever exist, I’m going to believe whatever He has to say.

The eyes of the enlightened, born-again Christian are for the first time able to really read and understand the Scriptures. I think that many people have a negative preconceived attitude toward the Scriptures because they have seen so many people worship the bible and use the knowledge contained in it to cut down and destroy those around them. On behalf of those people, I want to apologize. The Word of God is a weapon, but it is not a weapon to be used against fellow man. It is a weapon meant to destroy strongholds and to crush our own personal sins. But please, do not let these people’s misuse of God’s Word keep you from coming to it to find the truth. The Bible is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The ultimate purpose of God inspiring the recording of His Words, and ensuring their preservation, is that we would come to know Jesus Christ through our encounter with the Scriptures. The Lord has revealed His Word to us in order that we would know Him. And in knowing Him, we would realize the error of our fallen thoughts and feelings and see our need for divine rescuing.

2) If I being gay am not hurting anybody, then why does God condemn it?

God, the true God, does not do or command anything without a purpose. God designed sex, therefore He knows exactly how it’s supposed to be carried out and enjoyed. When we operate within God’s standards for sexual behavior, it is a very good and pleasurable thing to experience. But when we go outside of the specific guidelines that God has communicated to us, we belittle Him by assuming that our own sinful, broken sexual desires are superior to what He says. Just from experience and common knowledge we can all admit that sex is best when had between one married man and woman.

Many guys and girls who have sex with each other before marriage (which is the norm now) personally know the consequences of their promiscuity. The consequences vary in degree, they can be something as minute as a curable STD or they can be something as drastic as an unplanned pregnancy resulting in abortion. And it’s all too clear that sexual behavior between two men has very, very dangerous repercussions.

Along with the massively higher chance of getting AIDS through homosexual intercourse, there are many other things that can be harmful that I will not go into right now because of their explicit nature. Homosexual behavior, along with adultery, incest, fornication and bestiality are all outside of the God’s design for sex and we can see the obvious repercussions of sinning against God and from sinning against our own bodies.

3) Okay, if being gay is a sin, then why can’t I control it?

This is a very legitimate and yet often ignored question, although the answer is very simple. The world, along with some of modern “Christianity”, tells us that God does not want us to choose between our heart and our faith. Somehow we have come upon this reasoning that every feeling we have is good and godly, therefore we can’t possibly be sinning if we are acting out on our feelings. Countless times I have been told that it is God who has given me these homosexual feelings and that He in no way desires for me to try and deny or turn away from them.

This kind of thinking sounds so nice. It makes us feel good about ourselves to think that we have a pure heart and that all of our feelings flow directly from the heart of God, but this simply is not true. God is infinitely good, and so are his desires and purposes and thoughts. Man is inherently evil, and so are his desires and purposes and thoughts; every person in the world has desires inside of them that the Bible says are sinful. This universal grouping just adds even more validity to the inerrancy of Scripture for me, because no one can escape the condemnation of sin. There are things that all of us feel that are in violation of God’s holiness and standard of righteousness, which makes all of us in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Every human to ever exist since Adam and Eve has been born not only into a sinful world, but with a sinful nature. The broken nature that none of us can escape without Jesus Christ perverts the way that we view God, the world and yes, even sex. Many people want to argue that they were born gay, and I don’t waste too much energy arguing that assumption because the Bible says we were all born into sin and need to be born-again in order to have eternal life. People have sinful feelings, because sin is who we are outside of a relationship with Christ.

You may say to yourself, “Well, that’s not fair that I couldn’t help having a sinful nature and all the things that come with it.” Take a look at the Cross of Jesus Christ, was that fair? Jesus did every good, righteous thing you couldn’t and wouldn’t do and then went on to suffer for every evil thing that you did do. That is in no way fair, but God’s plan goes beyond fairness. God’s own Son was crushed under His Father’s wrath for your sin, and in turn He offers you the reward of His finished work; the free gift of righteousness and eternal life. Rather than condemning all of us to Hell, God has decided to use the inescapable darkness of our sin as backdrop to demonstrate his magnificent and inexpressible grace showed in the Cross of Christ, all in order to glorify His Name in capturing your heart with His great love.

The natural heart which we all are born with is a heart of stone. God’s desire is not that you would listen to that hardened heart, but that you would receive a new heart, a heart of flesh! Genuine faith in the Son of God is always accompanied by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. Actually, genuine faith in the Son of God is the result of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God enters into a child of God and replaces the God-hating, stony heart they have been living their life according to with a new heart of flesh. Unlike the old heart, this heart of flesh loves God, desires His will, and submits to His truth. This is why a born-again Christian is changed completely, from the inside out. We now see sin for what it is and what it does to us. We are for the first time aware of our own sinfulness and the havoc it has wrecked upon our lives. And we finally see that God has provided our escape through the substituting sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

4) If God really didn’t want me to be gay, then why doesn’t He eliminate my feelings?

God could eliminate homosexual feelings if He wanted to. He most certainly holds the power and He would have to exert nearly no effort to do so. Yet, in many cases such as mine, He has chosen not to completely deliver me from my homosexual thoughts and temptations. Why? I can’t answer that specifically for me; that knowledge belongs to God and God alone. But I do know that if we look at the broader picture, every person who has trusted in Christ still struggles with some kind of temptation.

Could God eliminate their desires? Sure, but He doesn’t always. God does deliver certain people in certain areas, for example, I had a very strong addiction to alcohol before I became a Christian and God pretty much instantaneously delivered me from that. But there are people out there who still struggle with that same temptation, so why did he choose to deliver me from it and not them? Because it was His will. God’s will for everyone is to repent from their sin and turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness, but we must remember that God’s will for each individual differs. Of course even His differing plans for each of us personally will always be within the confines of Scriptural teaching. Many try to say that God’s will is for them to be gay… no, it’s not. God does have different plans for people’s lives, but He does not go against Himself or what He has spoken. His will for you is not to remain in the sin that He hates.

The Bible says that as Christ suffered, we will also share in His sufferings. One of God’s primary goals is to shape us into the likeness of His Son, and He even uses our evil temptations to do so. God often even allows Satan and demons to torment us for a season. Take it from the Apostle Paul: “So to keep me from becoming conceited because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to harass me, to keep me from becoming conceited. Three times I pleaded with the Lord about this, that it should leave me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”- 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

Some people are taken aback and offended by the truth that God allows and even ordains us to be tempted and have to fight nail and tooth with sinful thoughts, but I find so much hope in this truth! The fact that God has to permit or allow every thought, every sinful thought, to enter and manifest in my mind shows me that when I am battling with temptation, it is for a purpose. My struggles are not in vain! When I am at my wit’s end with wrestling these desires I know I shouldn’t act out on, I can always remember that God has allowed me to wage this war for a purpose.

Through enduring temptation and abstaining from lustful desires, I have learned to be so much more patient and steadfast with others. Rather than brushing them off and considering myself better than they, as many of us “Christians” tend make a practice of, I can deeply empathize with the struggles they have in their hearts, extend love toward them and offer them advice from my own personal experiences. Because of my own battle with sin, which God has allowed (not just for me, but us all), I have been able to exercise and experience compassion and patience with others, which in turn gives me a greater understanding of God’s compassion and patience toward me.

And please remember, salvation is in three different tenses.

We were saved when we believed in Christ, we are being saved currently, and we will be saved at the day of Jesus Christ. In this current state of being saved, we live in a temporary world that will be full or hardships, temptations and trials; but also remember that it is only a season. This life we live now is but a vapor, and in the eternal world to come all of God’s children will be free from sin and temptation completely and for good.