It’s been awhile since my last post, and I’ve really been wanting to write about something God put on my heart a few weeks ago. In all honesty, I am learning how to balance keeping a strong, healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, building a healthy marriage on the foundation of Christ, and ministering to my wonderful new wife. Doing all this while working at least 40 hours a week and just living life… A humbling experience for sure, but I praise God for the work he is doing in me, and that He is so faithful to transform those who belong to Him from glory to glory.

Back to what I want to talk about though. About two weeks ago I was walking to meet my wife, and a car was trying to pull out onto a main street from a side street.  I was walking towards the car pulling out, and there were cars parked all along the sides of the street making it very difficult to see if any cars were coming from the car’s left. THe woman driving looked right, and initially there were no cars coming for a long ways off. But because of the lack of visibility to her left, the woman very slowly started to creep out into the street to get a better look. She literally inched out into the main street for about ten seconds continually only looking in my direction, presumably forgetting all about the possibility of a car coming from the other direction.

As I was watching her I was at first astounded by how cautious she was being, and how much time she was taking to make the turn. Then I realized there was a large SUV that had also turned onto the main road and was heading right for the intersection we were at full speed from the previously clear direction. The woman trying to pull out, but had no idea of the oncoming car and impending disaster.

Now, this woman was fixated on the direction she wanted to go, and was paying no attention to what else might be happening around her. She was clearly looking in my direction, and I knew that if I warned her she would at least be made aware that I was trying to tell her something. I pulled my hand out of my pocket, and quickly pointed in the other direction. She looked, and then accelerated onto the main street and safely merged into traffic. She gave me a thumbs up and a look of gratitude as she drove away… I had clearly blessed her and helped her avoid a possibly very serious accident.

I walked away from that feeling blessed that I had played a small part in helping that woman avoid a car accident. All I did was point, but maybe me being willing to warn this woman helped avoid a person dying or being seriously injured. I said in my heart, Thank you Lord for letting me be apart of that. It was a true blessing. Then the Lord spoke to me…

I was willing to point out the oncoming car accident to this woman, and I was very happy that a car accident had not taken place, but The Lord spoke to me and said, there are people dying all around you… There are people all around you headed for an eternity separated from their Creator, destined to spend eternity in unthinkable torment and utter darkness. And what have I called to you to do? Have I commanded you to do anything but be willing to take your hand out of your pocket, and point to the coming judgement, and then point them to Me and the perfect, sacrificial love I have for them?

All God has called us to do is point people to Jesus Christ, God the Son, who was tortured and killed so that anyone who repents and believes in Him would be saved. Are we going to stand up as Isaiah did and say, “Here I am Lord, send me'”? Or are we going to keep our hands in our pockets, and walk through life with our head down, so that we don’t have to look at all the people around us who so desperately need the love of Jesus Christ?

Christians, I want to encourage you to lift up your eyes up, and notice that the harvest is truly plentiful, but that the laborers are few. I want to encourage you to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and share the love of Christ with someone who comes across you path in the days to come. I know all the reasons and excuses why we don’t or why we can’t step out and boldly be Christ’s witness because I have used them all in my own mind and in my own life. Whether I have a work obligation, or “I know” that person won’t receive what I have to say, I have decided not to pull my hand out of my pocket and point to Christ on more occasions than I would like to admit. But let me ask you this: Are you at least willing to pray that God would change the very person you are? God has given His people the ability to be His witnesses by His dynamic power in the form of the Holy Spirit, but we have to be willing to use it. Will you pray that God would use you to minister to, and share His love with the people in your life? I know I want to be changed more and more into the image of Christ, more and more into the servant He wants me to be, and I will be praying that the people who read this will have that same desire.

God loves every person enough to give His only Son to be tortured and killed so that they might be saved from eternal condemnation. Do we love these same people enough to even just point them to the Jesus? Are we willing?