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Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God…

This is a very well known scripture for most Christians. It serves as a great reminder that God is the one in control, and we know that this is the preferred method of walking with Him. God has spoken very clearly to me through this verse whether it be about relationships or serving Him in some new and exciting way. I can remember vividly laying on my bed while at the Bible College in Santiago, Chile and realizing that I had no idea what this verse even meant, and praying that God would teach me what it is to be still, and KNOW tha He is God. My wife and I love this verse so much that we actually have a painting on our bedroom wall with this verse as the centerpiece of the artwork.

Yet, just last week I found myself worrying about the direction of my life, and focusing on all the circumstances around me. Then as my wife and I were praying, she prayed that we would be still and know that He is God ( MEN: You are the leaders of your household, BUT your wives often will say the wisest things and have the purest prayers IF we are willing to put down our pride and listen.) When she prayed this I was floored because I hadn’t considered or remembered this portion of God’s Word that has been so dear to my heart in quite awhile. Even after I had read, meditated, and prayed on this particular verse, when the time in my life came to put this verse into practice I had forggotten it completely.

This all made me realize how easily my heart can wonder even when my desire is to walk with the Lord as intimately and closely as possible. It served as reminder that we never attain to anything, but must continually press into Jesus Christ, and be continually abiding in Him, the true vine. I was definitely humbled, and maybe some of you can relate to this experience. The good news is God is faithful to complete the work He starts in us until we are received up to Glory with Jesus our Lord (Philippians 1:6). In this we rejoice. -Cory

He has shown you, O man, what is good;   
      And what does the LORD require of you 
      But to do justly, 
      To love mercy, 
      And to walk humbly with your God? 
– Micah 6:8